About Us

Bloomsbury Flowers, a renowned London Florist, was found in 1994, in the heart of Covent Garden by two retired ballet dancers. This in itself is a reflection of the history of the area.

For those who don’t know, Covent Garden began very simply in 1200 as the kitchen garden to Westminster Abbey or “Convent” . In 1540, this land was granted to the first Duke of Bedford. In 1656 one of his descendants allowed stall holders to set up a market in his garden.

By 1700 there were regular thrice-weekly market days selling fruit, vegetables and flowers. After the Great Fire of London in 1666, Covent Garden became London's largest market.


Over time, as much as Covent Garden became renowned as the historic home of flower selling, the area around it became synonymous with theatre and opera.

It is now home to the Royal Opera House, The Theatre Royal Drury Lane and The Royal Ballet (where the founders of Bloomsbury Flowers met as young boys and with whom we still maintain a strong connection by providing many a sumptuous bouquet for on-stage presentation).


In the 1860s the clergy and the wealthy of the neighbouring area of Bloomsbury encouraged the local poor to grow flowers in window boxes and exhibit them in flower shows, such as The Bloomsbury Flower Show of 1865.

So the term “Bloomsbury” itself is part of the very history of British floristry as well as being intertwined with the rich cultural and intellectual heritage of Britain.

Trading from a beautiful 18th Century building steeped in layers of London life, for the last 30 years, at 29 Great Queen Street (William Blake apprenticed at No. 31), we are planted in tradition. Indeed our innate style and taste is “traditional English country style” - a harmonious blend of sophisticated elegance and glamour, rustic charm and natural beauty.


And this has only become more defined since the business was acquired in 2022 by creative entrepreneur, Anoma Radkevitch who also owns Lady Flora, an award -winning florist in Berkshire.

She is Sri Lankan – British and studied biology and had a career in international development before motherhood and creativity through art and floristry beckoned. She loves nature and wants to surround herself with peace and beauty always.

She is proud to lead Bloomsbury Flowers, with its enviable reputation and commitment to sustainability and floral artistry, into its fourth decade.