Bloomsbury Flowers | The independent florist and the lead up to Valentine`s Day
Bloomsbury Flowers was opened in 1994 by former Royal Ballet dancers, Stephen Wicks and Mark Welford, and quickly became synonymous with beautiful flowers, arranged beautifully.
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The independent florist and the lead up to Valentine`s Day

Florist Soho

The independent florist and the lead up to Valentine`s Day

Not naming any particular relay company, it`s worth noting the number of complaints it received both after Valentine`s and Mother`s Days last year. This is a polite reminder to a previous blog post – see below – explaining the reasons to support your local florist.

Then, do check out our 2015 design for this year`s Valentine`s Day, the Lilac Dream, which as usual promotes the use of flowers and colours other then the ubiquitous red rose. Be original and ditch the red roses for a bespoke bouquet designed with seasonal flowers and foliage that is the essence of romance.

If you want to send flowers in London and/or around the the UK, it is usually far better to contact a local flower shop in the area by looking up details via a search engine. Tapping in `florist` and the delivery postcode will bring up a variety of listings. This means you can speak to that business directly and ask the person at the end of the phone what they have in stock, what`s seasonal and also make any special requests such as a particular colour or a preference for scented flowers. You will also cut out any comission that the relay company may cream off the top of your budget.

Some of these local shops may be relay members themselves but by contacting them directly, you give them a chance to create a bespoke design which, hopefully, follows your choice and instructions rather than the rules of design and components laid down by the relay company they belong to. Should there be any problems, you will also be able to discuss the issues directly with the florist rather than be fobbed off by a large relay company.

Of course, this is what we always have done and will continue to do; we create bespoke designs especially for each and every customer be it a hand-tied bouquet of the freshest available seasonal flowers and foliage to full scale event work, examples of which are shown on this blog today.