Bloomsbury Flowers | New Era
Bloomsbury Flowers was opened in 1994 by former Royal Ballet dancers, Stephen Wicks and Mark Welford, and quickly became synonymous with beautiful flowers, arranged beautifully.
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New Era

New Era

After nearly 28 years of having the most amazing time working with wonderful flowers and equally fabulous clients, we are happy to announce that Bloomsbury Flowers has a new owner, Anoma Radkevitch, owner of the award winning florist ‘Lady Flora’.

When we opened Bloomsbury Flowers back in 1994, our aim was to bring new ideas and inspiration to the floral world, and we know that we can safely say that we have made a lasting impression on this wonderful and creative industry.

We look forward to watching Bloomsbury Flowers continue to blossom and bloom in the years to come, especially as the team we have developed will be staying on to carry on with our passion.

We have every confidence that Anoma will continue to inspire the wonderful clients that Bloomsbury Flowers serve and wish her every success in developing the brand further.

In other news, it’s still just about peony season although like the English asparagus season, it’s quite short lived.  However this means that dahlia season will shortly be upon us and we can’t wait to work with them with all their different flower head shapes and dolly mixture colours. 

We have lots of summer weddings coming up too so we’re looking forward to working with our couples and being able to make their day even more special with our beautiful blooms.  We do weddings and events of all sizes from the full on shebang with church and reception flowers to small and intimate ceremonies for just the couple and their witnesses.

The longest day has passed now and it’s odd to think of the days getting shorter already but once the summer holidays are over, it will soon be time to think about autumn events as well as planning for Christmas!