Bloomsbury Flowers | How to create your DIY Christmas door wreath from Bloomsbury Flowers
Bloomsbury Flowers was opened in 1994 by former Royal Ballet dancers, Stephen Wicks and Mark Welford, and quickly became synonymous with beautiful flowers, arranged beautifully.
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How to create your DIY Christmas door wreath from Bloomsbury Flowers

How to create your DIY Christmas door wreath from Bloomsbury Flowers

Your pack includes a fresh pine wreath base, a selection of dried and natural decorations together with a festive bow.

All the decorations are pre-wired by our team so all you need to do is make your wreath by following the step by step images below.  The instructions are not hard and fast rules but they will help you create a balanced design, especially if this is your first time at decorating a wreath.

At the back of the wreath, you will see a small wire loop with which to hang your wreath on the door.  Make a note of where this loop is as this will be helpful when you come to attach your bow once you have finished decorating the wreath.

Lay your wreath on a flat service which is large enough to give you room to turn the wreath around as you work.  You will find it easier to use all of one decoration in turn and as you can see, we started with the pine cones.  This makes for a more balanced and even design and makes it simpler to fill in any gaps as you go.

To wire the decorations on to the wreath, simply hold a pine cone in one hand, lift the wreath up slightly with the other hand then firmly push the wires through to the back of the wreath, through the pine foliage.  You can feel the end of the wire with the free hand and these ends should be twisted around back into the wreath to ensure the decoration is fixed securely to the wreath base.

Continue with your next choice of decoration until you have used up all the ingredients and you are happy with the final design.

The final touch is to add your bow which can be at either the top or bottom of the wreath, just make sure it’s lined up with the loop on the back of the wreath so the bow sits central.  It can be attached the same way as the other decorations by pushing the wires through and looping them back in the same way as before.