Bloomsbury Flowers | Autumn arrives…
Bloomsbury Flowers was opened in 1994 by former Royal Ballet dancers, Stephen Wicks and Mark Welford, and quickly became synonymous with beautiful flowers, arranged beautifully.
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Autumn arrives…

Autumn arrives…

‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…’ as the saying goes.  Autumn is the time of year that we started off in our new careers as florists after retiring from the Royal Ballet companies so it’s always a familiar and favourite time year.  What a wonderful summer many of us enjoyed here in the UK with some of the best weather we’ve experienced for a long time however the nights really are drawing in and the hues and colours of the flowers we choose to work with are moving to rich russets, golds and burnt oranges. 

We made the most of dahlias but they are now on the way out making way for the tutu-like ranunculas that will soon be making an appearance along with jewel-toned anemones.  Foliage comes into its own with rich chocolate colored cotinus, oak with larger leafed fronds that are great for using in statement designs and the smaller leafed variety adds texture to our hand-tied arrangements.  The Belisha Beacon orange Chinese lanterns, or physalis to give them their proper name, are wonderful to use by themselves, en masse in a tall container.  We use birch twigs to help add structure to our autumnal designs along with dogwood which comes in red and a beautiful lime green.

A couple of varieties of roses to look out for that work well in the rich autumn designs are 3D, a single headed rose with petals that are orange on the outside working towards a salmon, almost cream centre.  For a spray rose, we love using Fire Flash which has multiple smaller flower heads on each stem with petals variegated in red and orange.  Berries are a must have ingredient in our seasonal designs and hypericum berries now come in a wide selection of colours from darkest red right through to palest cream, almost white.

Despite the many restrictions in place, recently we have still managed to supply flowers for a number of weddings and events, pics of which can be seen on our social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  If you have an event coming up, we would love to hear from you to see how we can help out with flowers.  If it’s in a private event room for just 6 guests then there is plenty of scope for floral decoration not only on the table but perhaps on a sideboard or other table in the room. 

Designs we have installed recently range from a tablescape which is made up with a selection of small vases and an eclectic mix of bottles that drift along the centre of the table, perfect if it’s a long table with 3 guests either side.  One statement piece on a round table, perhaps surrounded with tea lights, is always glamorous.  Perhaps a larger arrangement to complement the table flowers would work well placed on one of our Perspex plinths in a corner of the room.  The options are endless so get in touch via the usual methods for a bespoke quotation.

Of course just around the corner is Christmas so it’s time to start to think about how we can help out with decorating your home, office and festive table.  Look out for details of our DIY Christmas wreaths too